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Conceiving of a One-State Solution

Posted by rabbibrian on December 8, 2011

While so many of us don’t see any realistic possibility of a two state solution, discussing the most natural alternative, a one state solution, is usually dismissed as naive, hopeless or worse.  It may be that a one state solution is impossible but several well respected Israelis and Palestinians have written about this option.  I am so pleased that Taanit Tzedek – Jewish Fast for Gaza is sponsoring an open discussion of this question on our monthly conference call next week.  I hope you can join the conversation.   Please share this information with others.  

Ta’anit Tzedek  – Jewish Fast for Gaza

 invites you to
Conceiving of a One-State Solution: 

A Conversation with 
Palestinian-American Journalist

Ahmed Moor

Thursday, December 15
12 noon EST

If, as many are claiming, the two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians is becoming less and less viable, what are the realistic prospects for one state where Jews and Palestinians live together as equal citizens?  

  • Can we conceive of such a solution and what would such a state look like practically speaking? 
  • What are the political realities that mitigate against it and can they be shifted? 
  • Would it even be possible for these two peoples to live and govern a state together?

To help us explore these issues, Ta’anit Tzedek is proud to present noted journalist Ahmed Moor. Born in Gaza and raised in the US, Moor graduated from University in 2006 and spent several years as a freelance journalist based in Lebanon and Cairo. His work as been published in numerous publications, including Al JazeeraHuffington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. He is currently a doctoral student of Public Policy at Harvard University.

To participate in the call: 

Thursday, December 15 at 12 noon EST

Dial the Access Number: 1.800.920.7487 

When prompted, enter your Participant Code: 92247763# 

There will be a question and answer period during the call.

 For more information, visit www.fastforgaza.net.

Please share this notice with others you think may be interested.



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